HolyCoast: Bill Clinton: If You Go Back 500 Years Surely You Can Find a Recovery Longer Than Ours

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bill Clinton: If You Go Back 500 Years Surely You Can Find a Recovery Longer Than Ours

That's probably what it would take, too:
Former President Bill Clinton defended President Obama and his handling of the nation’s economic recovery Sunday night, saying “we are beating the clock” historically in comparison to Japan and other economies that have been through similar tumult.

“If you go back 500 years, whenever a country’s financial system collapses, it takes between five and 10 years to get back to full employment,” Clinton said as he introduced Obama at a fund-raiser for his longtime friend Terry McAuliffe.

The former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is now running for governor of Virginia.

“If you go back for the last 200 years, when buildings had been widely owned by individuals and companies, if there’s a mortgage collapse, it almost always takes 10 years,” the former president added as he defended the current one. “He’s beating the clock, not behind it. Don’t listen to those Republicans. We are beating the clock.”
If you have to go back 200 years to find a time worse than this I don't think you're helping the Obama campaign.


Larry said...

Does Bill Clinton really want to help Obama?

If Obama loses re-election, Bill remains the only Democrat since Truman to win a second term. Plus, I think there remains some animosity between the two since the 2008 primaries when Bill had the race card played against him.

Sam L. said...

What Larry said, except I think it was Hilary! who got the race card played on her. The Clintons seem to have looooooooooong memories.