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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Conservative Wins a Convert

A Facebook friend (Ryan) recounts a conversation he had with a Starbucks customer as both watched a Tea Party rally next to their location:
Him: Do you hear what's going on next door... Sounds like a Neo-Nazi rally
Me: Neo-Nazi? How So?
Him: Uh... um... I mean.... uh...
Me: All they want is lower taxes and less government control over our lives. Can't you agree with that?
Him: Yes but they support greedy companies like 'big oil'
Me: Really? Did you know that oil companies only make about 10 cents per gallon profit and government makes many times more than that?
Him: But what about the taxpayer money that we give them in subsidies?
Me: What subsidies?
Him: Um.. uh...
Me: Are you talking about the tax deductions that they receive like every other company.
Him: Um.. I guess
Me: Do you realize that oil companies pay a higher effective tax rate than any other industry and only get 2/3's the manufacturing deduction that other companies get?
Him: But the rich aren't paying their fair share
Me: Did you know that the top 1% already pays almost 40% of all Federal taxes while the bottom 50% pays nothing?
Him: But they can afford to pay more.
Me: But this rally is for lower taxes for everybody.
Him: But the rich need to pay more... we need the Buffet Rule.
Me: How much money would that generate?
Him: Um... a lot!
Me: Really? The Buffet Rule would only raise about $5 billion a year. The government spends twice that much every day!
awkward silence.
Him (getting up):Well, catch ya later.
Me: Have a good day.

About an hour later he comes back and says, "Hey, these guys have some pretty good ideas! I like what they're saying!"
Facts are a tricky thing. The left often doesn't have them, but instead relies on arguing their points with platitudes and silly talking points. This is a good example of a conservative being armed for the occasion and able to drive points home through the fog in which the left lives.

Well done.

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Laura said...

Actress/radio host/pundit Janine Turner has just started writing for PJ Media and had a really good first column about conservatives needing not to sit politely back but put the facts out there. As I read this I was definitely thinking of Janine's comments.

Best wishes,