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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crime Blotter Feel Good Story of the Day

Sometimes things just work out right:
A burglary suspect gets hit by a car after running from a homeowner. It started Thursday night in the 1500 block of south Kansas. That's where police say a man went into a home and grabbed a purse.

It was Willie Hall's home. His 8-year-old son Cade was watching television when the burglar came inside. When the suspect grabbed his mom's purse, Cade tried to take it back. That's when the suspect ran from the house and Hall chased after him.

During the chase, the suspect ran into traffic and was hit by a car on I-135 near the Harry exit. He's now in the hospital with 4 broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
Too bad they don't all end that way.

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Larry said...

He'll sue.