HolyCoast: Disneyland Will Move Visiting Musical Groups to Never-Neverland

Monday, April 23, 2012

Disneyland Will Move Visiting Musical Groups to Never-Neverland

I wrote previously about my disappointment that Disneyland is shutting down Carnation Plaza Gardens in favor of some new princess greeting area, and I wondered where the visiting school music groups would be playing now that the band stage is closing.  It looks like they'll be moved to Never-Neverland:
Disneyland will move outside performing groups next month and add a new entertainment feature to a normally closed area of Frontierland.

The Disney Performing Arts program will host community performing groups and run education sessions in the Festival Arena, normally closed in the back of Frontierland. The program is moving after the May 1 closure of Carnation Plaza Gardens, where performances had normally run. See more pictures of Carnation Plaza Gardens by clicking on the photo.

An average of 18 groups, such as junior high string ensembles and high school choirs, perform on the plaza stage, which sits at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. near Sleeping Beauty Castle, said Kevin Rafferty Jr., a Disneyland Resort spokesman. The plaza is closing to undergo a transformation into the Fantasy Faire, a princess meet-and-greet area that will open next year.

In Frontierland, the Festival Arena also will host a new entertainment event, Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, starting May 3. The jamboree will include music, dancing, crafts, pin trading and characters in Western wear.

The jamboree will run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the summer.

The Festival Arena, behind the Big Thunder Ranch area, previously hosted a show based on “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”
Instead of playing on a stage right on Main Street where hundreds of passing tourists can stop and hear them, they'll be playing in a far corner of Frontierland where the only passing tourists likely to hear them will be passing by on the train. Too bad.

The kids themselves probably won't care - they're more interested in spending the day in the Park rather than the performance, but it will diminish the overall experience.  Both my kids played on the Carnations Plaza Gardens stage and so did I.  I hate to see it go.

Fans of swing dancing are also upset about losing Carnation Plaza Gardens. This is proving to be a rather unpopular decision.


Anonymous said...

Seems as if Disney never learns from their mistakes. Ten years ago they turned a perfectly good parking lot into a failed amusement park. Disney is still trying to fix this mistake. Here they go again! Removing Carnation Plaza Gardens, a VERY unpopular change. An iconic large, red and white parasol where many lives have come together. A marvelous place for young and old to dance with no drinking/smoking gone forever.
Fantasy Faire on Main Street??????? Think they be paying for this mistake 10 years later? Yep! May Carnation Plaza Gardens R.I.P

Anonymous said...

Rewrite and link this to Obama