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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Economic Tweets of the Day

From CBS News' Mark Knoller:
Debt Check: National Debt posted today by US Treasury shows increase of $5-trillion since Pres Obama took office.

National Debt was $10.626-trillion on day Pres Obama took office. Today's posting shows debt at $15.656-trillion.

WH says “a huge portion of the debt” is attributable to massive tax cuts, two wars & Medicare Rx benefit of previous Administration.

WH spksmn Jay Carney says Pres Obama has put forward "a balanced approach" to deal with deficits and long-term debt.

Pres Obama’s budget for 2013 projects federal deficits will total $6.6-trillion over the next ten years.
Uh...no. That trillion dollar stimulus mean anything? The trillion dollar annual deficits mean anything? Nice try.

1 comment:

Sam L. said...

No, it's due to out-of-control spending.

We know that.

They deny that.