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Friday, April 27, 2012

Education Cartoons of the Day

It's true. Just ask the Interpretive Dance or Renaissance Literature Majors:
And this:


Nightingale said...

I don't think most students even think about paying back their loans; they think education should be free.

In fact, when they get financial aid, they refer to it as "my money," when in reality it's the taxpayer's money on loan.

Another problem with educational financial aid is the school gives the student all of the money in the form of a credit card. You'd be surprised where they spend that money...bookstore? Nope, Nordstrom.

Larry said...

Nordstrom? Free money -no strings attached, no oversight? I guess this is what you get when money is taken from the country class by the ruling class, and given by them to the dependent class.

Reminds me of the Judge Judy clip on youtube where the defendant was living rent-free while receiving a housing subsidy.