HolyCoast: Everyone Has an Opinion About Romney's Veep. A Lot of Them Bad

Monday, April 02, 2012

Everyone Has an Opinion About Romney's Veep. A Lot of Them Bad

Not a lot of good ideas here:
While pundits, politicians and prognosticators have tapped Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as one of the most likely GOP vice presidential picks, conservative commentator Ann Coulter warned today that such a choice would be a “mistake.”
“I think that would be a mistake because the same people who loved Rubio loved [former presidential candidate and Texas Gov.]Rick Perry,” Coulter told me Sunday during the “This Week” roundtable discussion. “I want someone who’s been a bit more tested.”

As the rising star of the Tea Party and a Hispanic from the delegate-rich state of Florida, Rubio would fix Romney’s two biggest problems: enthusiasm among the Republican base and lackluster support from Hispanics, argued conservative commentator George Will.

But Coulter, who is a firm Mitt Romney supporter, said the GOP frontrunner needs a running mate who is tried and tested, which, as a first-term Senator, Rubio is not.

Coulter suggested Romney pick someone like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

“He’s been tested, he’s steady, he’s not frightening,” Coulter said of Kyl. “He could certainly step into the job.”
The people that liked Rick Perry are the people who are not enthusiastic about Mitt Romney, and that means he needs to figure out a way to attract those people. Choosing a boring guy like Kyl wouldn't inspire anybody, and Chris Christie hasn't shown any sign of wanting to be anyone's VP. He'd quickly overshadow Romney.

Van Jones, the Commie former Obama czar who was also on the show, thinks Romney should pick Condi Rice. First of all, don't ever think somebody like Jones has the GOP's best interest at heart, and secondly I doubt Rice wants the job. Jones knows that with her connections to the Bush presidency she'd carry a lot of baggage in the general election that would hurt Romney. That's the only reason he'd think her a good choice.

I still think Marco Rubio would be a game changer. Yes, he's only a first term Senator, but that hasn't stopped America from electing someone like that before (Obama '08). He would give Romney Florida and have a big impact on other states with large Hispanic populations. He could be instrumental in winning Nevada and New Mexico as well as impacting Colorado. He won't swing California, but he could cause Obama to have to spend money here he hadn't planned.

However, the likelihood based on this past weekend's story is Romney will go RINO with his choice and ignore conservative concerns, thus dooming his candidacy.

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Mikey J said...

Christie is a 1st term governor too, not any more "tried and tested" than Rubio. In fact, Rubio has more national experience than Christie.

Kind of shoots holes in Ann's argument.