HolyCoast: Gay Activists Target the Obama Campaign

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gay Activists Target the Obama Campaign

My comment after this:
The pressure on Obama and the White House to reverse their craven decision not to go foward with the executive order barring federal contractors from discrimination based on sexual orientation is about to get a good deal more intense.

You may recall that during the battle over don’t ask don’t tell, a gay rights group called GetEQUAL got lots of press coverage for its civil disobedience against the White House over the issue. Images of activists chained to the White House fence or getting taken away in handcuffs gained wide circulation.

Now the group is about to launch a similar campaign against the Obama campaign over the executive order, which has been a priority for gay advocates ever since Obama took office.

GetEQUAL’s managing director, Heather Crock, tells me that in the next few weeks, the group will start staging actions against Obama For America offices throughout the country. The actions will begin with small gestures and will escalate over time.

“We’ll certainly be doing potentially arrestable actions at the White House,” Crock tells me, confirming that the group has raised money in the six figures from gay donors to finance the actions.
My comment is simple - none of this will matter because Obama knows what I know: These people will vote for him anyway. They can have their hissy-fits and Obama will be free to keep ignoring them because he knows he's got them in his pocket. They're just about as reliable an Obama voter as the black vote.

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Sam L. said...

I'd pay 50 whole cents to watch them protest.