HolyCoast: Harry Reid Fights To Save Junk Mail for Old People

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Harry Reid Fights To Save Junk Mail for Old People

The Senate he runs hasn't passed a budget in three years, but at least old people will still get junk mail (from Morning Jolt):
Every couple of weeks, there's some random burbling of words from the Senate majority leader, and I shake my head and sigh, "I can't believe we didn't beat this guy." The latest:

In his opening speech on Wednesday, Reid called on the Senate to quickly move forward on the passage of S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act, which restructures pension plans for Postal Service employees as well as allows the USPS to access overpayments in the Federal Employee Retirement System.

"Madam President," Reid said to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), the presiding officer of the Senate, "I'll come home tonight here to my home in Washington and there'll be some mail there. A lot of it is what some people refer to as junk mail, but for the people who are sending that mail, it's very important.

"And when talking about seniors, seniors love getting junk mail. It's sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they're part of the real world," Reid continued. "Elderly Americans, more than anyone in America, rely on the United States Postal Service, but unless we act quickly, thousands of post offices . . . will close. I've said this earlier today; I repeat it."

As Greg Corombos and I say on the Three Martini Lunch, "Way to go, Nevada. Way to go."
The guy's an embarrassment.

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MikeyJ said...

If he likes it so much, maybe we should bundle up all of our junk mail and sent it to Dingy Harry!!