HolyCoast: I Don't Have a Membership to Augusta National. Do Obama and Romney Think I Should Get One Too?

Friday, April 06, 2012

I Don't Have a Membership to Augusta National. Do Obama and Romney Think I Should Get One Too?

The latest faux "war on women" controversy is the lack of women members at Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters Championship is being held this week.  Some idiot reporter asked White House spokeshole Jay Carney about it and of course, Carney gave the politically correct line that Obama believes women should be admitted.  As anyone could have predicted, reporters then went to Mitt Romney to see if they could get him to disagree, but never fear, Mitt can pander with the best of them.

You know, when Romney agrees with Obama not only does an angel lose its wings, but it gets tossed into the fiery pits of hell. (Well, maybe not, but still...)

However, does the media realize that there are millions of men like myself that don't have memberships to Augusta National either?  Who is going to champion OUR cause?  Who's going to be the savior of duffers everywhere that would like a shot at Amen Corner?  It's clearly discrimination.

Seriously, isn't there even one Republican that can state that private organizations have the right to determine their own membership?  Even one??  And that it's nobody else's business who they admit or don't admit and for whatever reason they make that decision?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor belonged to a private women's club.  Where was the outcry against that?

The Constitution guarantees the right to freely associate with whomever we wish to associate, provided that party wants to associate with us.  There is no right to membership in private golf clubs.

UPDATE:  Another RINO checks in:
@SenJohnMcCain: Don't you think it's time Augusta National joined the 21st century - or the 20th - and allowed women members?


Larry said...

I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.

-Groucho Marx

Nightingale said...

As a woman, I second that "No" and ask, "Who gives a rip?!!" Too many people are unemployed; gas is at an all-time high; people are having trouble putting food on the table; and we're suppose to get our knickers in a twist over a golf club?

If men want an exclusive club, so what? There was a time when the power-brokers (mostly men) would make deals at men's clubs, but does allowing women in men's clubs help women make deals? No. That was such a weak argument.

GOP...don't get distracted. Stay on target.