HolyCoast: Justice Clarence Thomas Has Some Zingers For the Left

Friday, April 06, 2012

Justice Clarence Thomas Has Some Zingers For the Left

I like this guy:
His joking remarks gave his audience little doubt about his political views.

After congratulating the University of Kentucky men's basketball team for winning the school's eighth NCAA national championship this week, Clarence Thomas, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, told a capacity crowd Thursday night at UK's Memorial Hall: "Maybe in this type of environment, we could redistribute some of those."

When asked whether he read The New York Times every day, Thomas replied, "Oh, God, no!"

Thomas was at UK to deliver the 13th Roy R. and Virginia F. Ray Lecture. But the lecture was more like a living-room chat, with UK law school dean David Brennen, American Bar Association president and UK law school alum William T. Robinson III and UK law professor Stephen Clowney asking Thomas a variety of questions while the four men sat onstage.
Thomas never speaks during oral arguments. He says he learns more by listening than by talking, but when he does talk, he's pretty funny and very, very sharp.

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