HolyCoast: Latest Stupid Teen Trick - Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest Stupid Teen Trick - Drinking Hand Sanitizer

UPDATE:  For those of you who are finding this post because your searching for how to distill alcohol from hand sanitizer, let me be the first to tell you you're an idiot.

Why? For the alcohol content:
American teenagers may be falling behind in math, science, and ability to ascend a flight of stairs without passing out, but they've proven time and again that they're world leaders in discovering innovative ways to kill brain cells. Case in point: a half dozen California teens have ended up in local emergency rooms after extracting highly concentrated alcohol from hand sanitizer and drinking it.

The rebels sans cause are turning Purell into moonshine from hell using salt and a distilling method that's easily discoverable on a place adults call "the internet." The process yields a liquid that's about 60% alcohol, or 120 proof, which means kids are only a shot or two of the stuff away from speech and mobility impairment and getting their stomachs pumped. Nothing sexier or more glamorous than having medical professionals forcibly extract your stomach contents with a tube so you don't die! Youth!
Looks like it's time for another Obama executive order requiring hand sanitizer control.

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Sam L. said...

Kids do dumb stuff. Sometimes there are bad results, and sometimes worse.

They chug water, too, which can kill them. Clearly, kids should not be allowed to buy water, or fill water bottles without a permit.