HolyCoast: Lock Up Global Warming Activists For Fraud

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lock Up Global Warming Activists For Fraud

Don Surber makes the point:
So far this month, the public has learned that the Arctic is overrun with polar bears,according to a Canadian study. The poster child for fear-warmongering by junk-science global warmists not only survives but thrives.

Then an actual count of penguins found that there are twice as many Emperor Penguins in Antarctica than previously thought, a second study found.

Then, another study found that far from melting in 23 years as the Nobel Peace Prize-winning IPCC report predicted, the glaciers of the Himalaya mountains are doing just fine.

The time has come to investigate James Hansen, Michael Mann, Al Gore and other global warming stars for fraud. They lied. They manipulated data. They made false predictions of doom in their over-heated sales pitches. I know that Hansen and Gore made millions off these false alarms of ecological doom. We must now hold them accountable for false claims and the spreading of rumors.
So, will Obama de-list the Polar Bear from the endangered species list? That designation has locked up millions of acres of arctic lands that could be developed for their energy potential. These activists have been responsible for taking trillions out of the world economy in the useless pursuit of "green" energy and other globaloney nonsense. They must be held accountable for their fraud and misrepresentation.

Remember Bernie Madoff?   His fraud pales in comparison to what these guys have done and he's sitting in jail.  Time to open up a couple more cells.

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Larry said...

Is this why the Gore's decided to separate? Tipper's share of their fortune would probably be off limits when it comes time to get back what her husband stole.