HolyCoast: Lottery Winner Won't Share With Her Work Pool

Monday, April 02, 2012

Lottery Winner Won't Share With Her Work Pool

I smell a big lawsuit coming, assuming his person actually won and there's some doubt about that:
Mega Millions mania has plunged a Maryland McDonald’s into a bubbling cauldron of controversy hotter than a deep-fried apple pie.

Workers at the fast-food joint who pooled their cash for tickets are furious at a colleague who claims she won with a ticket she bought for herself and has no intention of sharing.

“We had a group plan, but I went and played by myself. [The ‘winning’ ticket] wasn’t on the group plan,” McDonald’s “winner’’ Mirlande Wilson 37, told The Post yesterday, insisting she alone bought one of the three tickets nationwide that will split a record $656 million payout.

“I was in the group, but this was separate. The winning ticket was a separate ticket,” the single mother of seven said as she and her fiancĂ© left her home in the squalid Westport neighborhood to attend church.

The Haitian immigrant refused to show what she said was the winning ticket, claiming she had it hidden in another location and would present it to lottery officials today.

Pressed as the day went on, she became more cagey.

“I don’t know if I won. Some of the numbers were familiar. I recognized some of [them],’’ she said. “I don’t know why’’ people are saying differently. “I’m going to go to the lottery office [today]. I bought some tickets separately.”
Many years ago I was in some lottery pools but to protect against something like this the person who bought the tickets made copies of them that went to all participants. That way you couldn't have a question about whether a ticket was part of a pool or not.

Who knows the real story, but greed is a pretty powerful emotion.  However, this may all be moot because there's some doubt that this woman actually won.  Read the story for the details.

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