HolyCoast: Media Which Hated Bush's Use of Executive Power Now Can't Get Enough of Obama's

Monday, April 23, 2012

Media Which Hated Bush's Use of Executive Power Now Can't Get Enough of Obama's

Does this sound like a piece from a newspaper that regularly slammed George W. Bush for what they considered a misuse of his executive power?
One Saturday last fall, President Obama interrupted a White House strategy meeting to raise an issue not on the agenda. He declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.

“We had been attempting to highlight the inability of Congress to do anything,” recalled William M. Daley, who was the White House chief of staff at the time. “The president expressed frustration, saying we have got to scour everything and push the envelope in finding things we can do on our own.”

For Mr. Obama, that meeting was a turning point. As a senator and presidential candidate, he had criticized George W. Bush for flouting the role of Congress. And during his first two years in the White House, when Democrats controlled Congress, Mr. Obama largely worked through the legislative process to achieve his domestic policy goals.

But increasingly in recent months, the administration has been seeking ways to act without Congress. Branding its unilateral efforts “We Can’t Wait,” a slogan that aides said Mr. Obama coined at that strategy meeting, the White House has rolled out dozens of new policies — on creating jobs for veterans, preventing drug shortages, raising fuel economy standards, curbing domestic violence and more.

Each time, Mr. Obama has emphasized the fact that he is bypassing lawmakers. When he announced a cut in refinancing fees for federally insured mortgages last month, for example, he said: “If Congress refuses to act, I’ve said that I’ll continue to do everything in my power to act without them.”

Aides say many more such moves are coming. Not just a short-term shift in governing style and a re-election strategy, Mr. Obama’s increasingly assertive use of executive action could foreshadow pitched battles over the separation of powers in his second term, should he win and Republicans consolidate their power in Congress.
There's much more at the link.  The entire article basically justifies Obama's ignoring constitutional checks and balances to promote his socialist agenda.

It's always entertaining to look at what the media like the NY Times thinks is perfectly acceptable under a Democrat president, because someday (and maybe soon) there will be a Republican president and suddenly this abuse of executive power will be an impeachable offense.  They never think these things completely through.  They just assume their guys will always be in power.

I'm sure President Romney will enjoy their support as he undoes much of Obama's agenda with executive orders of his own.

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