HolyCoast: NARAL: If Romney Is Elected We'll Lose Abortion in 17 States

Monday, April 23, 2012

NARAL: If Romney Is Elected We'll Lose Abortion in 17 States

Really?  No:
The pro-abortion group NARAL is out with a new attack on likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney — saying that 17 states will ban abortions if he defeats pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

“Are you okay with allowing nearly half of the states in the Union to ban abortion care?” NARAL asks in a new blog post. “The reason we’re asking is that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee brought it up this week.”

NARAL is referring to an interview with ABC News in which Romney indicated he favors overturning the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that allowed virtually unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason. Romney said states should be able to decide if they want to provide legal protection for unborn children against abortion.

“Sen. John McCain made a similar, “let the states decide” argument in 2008. It’s an old line from anti-choice politicians,” NARAL complains. “It’s no big deal if the Supreme Court overrules nearly 40 years of jurisprudence that says a woman has a fundamental, constitutional right to choose safe, legal abortion care, these politicians say. The issue would just go to the states.”
Actually, that's not an old line from anti-choice politicians - it's an old line from politicians who believe the 10th Amendment means what it says. Abortion never should have been federalized and overturning Roe would simply correct that terrible decision.

This is simply another scare tactic from an increasingly panicked left.

Some states that still have abortion restrictions on record might temporarily ban the procedure, but you can bet most of them would quickly legalize it. A lot has changed since 1973, but the good news is they'd have the right to make that choice, and isn't choice what the ladies of NARAL have been asking for all along?

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Sam L. said...

Oh no you don't. That's NOT the choice NARAL wants, because they are pretty sure the choice would not go their way.

Make them sweat.