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Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama's Dog Days #ObamaAteaDog

Twitter has been a scream for the last couple of days since Jim Treacher at Daily Caller did the job the mainstream media never bothered to do and actually read what Obama wrote in his first memoir.  Somehow a paragraph that mentions he used to eat dogs was completely ignored in 2008 because either no one read his book, or the people that did read it decided not to mention it.

I personally think if this info had come out in 2008 it wouldn't have been any big deal.  In fact, it wouldn't have mattered this year either except for the fact that Obama's campaign and their handmaidens in the media tried to make everybody hate Mitt Romney because of his "dog on vacation" story from 20 years ago.  One reporter in the NY Times mentioned the story in something like 30 different columns, and even David Axelrod of Obama's campaign got into the act.   In the old days they would have been largely unopposed.

Not anymore.  You can thank the late Andrew Breitbart for conservatives' fighting spirit in this campaign.  He fearlessly took it to the Democrats and didn't allow them free reign to slander their opponents.  Since his death hundreds or thousands of activists have risen up to take his place and those people are mad.  Never again will the left be able to run an anti-GOP meme without fierce opposition.  And thanks to Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other internet tools, the mainstream media can no longer control the message the voters hear.

The night before the "Obama Ate Dogs" story came out Diane Sawyer of ABC News ran an interview with Mitt and Ann Romney and asked about their dog story, the tone of her voice dripping with disapproval.  My guess is the Romney's will never be asked about that again because now every mention of dogs will remind voters that Obama ate them.  Game, set and match to conservatives.  I tweeted this the other day:
If Dems are going to keep pushing the dog story they'll have to explain why taking 1 on vacation is worse than eating 1 for dinner.
Good luck with that.

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Larry said...

Has anyone asked Obama what the name was of the dog he ate? Maybe the dog's name was Tough and his pet snake was named Tougher.

If I had a dog it would look like Tough.