HolyCoast: Palin Versus "Perky" Katie, and Palin Wins

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Palin Versus "Perky" Katie, and Palin Wins

Sometimes revenge is best served cold:
Sarah Palin beat Katie Couric in the ratings game Tuesday when the two women hosted competing morning shows. Palin, never one to hold punches, gloried in her dominance over “the ‘perky one.’”

“[F]rankly, I’m ecstatic we beat the ‘perky one,’” Palin emailed Zap2it, along with some glowing compliments for the “Today” show staff and cast.

Her problem was not with ABC, Palin made clear, just Couric, who was filling in as the host of “Good Morning America.”

“I wouldn’t have gone up against ABC’s vacationing Robin Roberts, because she’s such a good egg,” said Palin. “By the way, both Robin and Matt Lauer have traveled the long journey to Alaska and dealt with unglamorous, rugged conditions to see more of our world; they’ve shown respect for a more unconventional Americana lifestyle, and we appreciate that.”
The mainstream media reviews were pretty universally bad, but advertisers pay for ratings, not reviews. I'm guessing she'll be back.

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Sam L. said...

Sarah = Ratings.