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Monday, April 30, 2012

Political Quote of the Day

Brit Hume talks about Obama's silly campaign to influence the Supreme Court:
“I think it is damaging, particularly in regard to health care,” Hume said. “This is the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. It is his proudest achievement and if it is struck down by the Supreme Court, it then bears the stamp of illegitimacy. It is already unpopular. It would, I think, in the aftermath be more so.”

“And I think — I don’t think there is some pre-cushioned bank shot where people argue, ‘Well, it would take the issue off of the table and that would be good for him,’ and so forth. I don’t buy that. I think that the Arizona law may be in even more trouble with the court than the health care law. I don’t think it is as important, or is as essential as the health care law. But I don’t think it would help him either to have his position in the enforcement of the immigration laws resisted by the Supreme Court. It is embarrassing, and it also gives that Arizona law a kind of a boost in the public’s imagination.”
Obama grew up in Chicago politics where bullying is a way of getting things done. It won't work with The Supreme Court and it demeans the office.

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