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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Popeye Would Be So Proud

Spinach doesn't just energize the cartoon sailor man:
President Obama recently touted algae as a potential source of energy, and now the Environmental Protection Agency has invested in converting spinach into an energy source.

The EPA awarded a $90,000 grant over the weekend to Vanderbilt University students "who designed a biohybrid solar panel that substitutes a protein from spinach for expensive silicon wafers that are energy intensive to produce, and is capable of producing electricity."...

They won the grant despite "nagging doubts about how the slight power from the panel would convince the judges," one Vanderbilt professor explained.
Once again we're throwing money at technology that won't even begin to fix the nation's energy problem.

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Nightingale said...

And using the food supply to do it, while most of the 3rd world goes to bed hungry.


Honda uses a soy-based product as an insulator for the wires on its cars; it's "green" you know. Problem is it attracts rats, who eat the stuff and cause expensive electrical damage.

Rats aren't stupid; people, well....