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Friday, April 06, 2012

Preparing For the Sanford Riot

Trouble brewing:
The city of Sanford is preparing for the outcome of the special prosecutor's decision about George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin but has not been charged.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett said on Thursday that the city's emergency management team has met regularly with the U.S Department of Justice to construct a plan. Officials said extra police officers and fire department officials are on standby. Neighboring agencies have also been asked to assist, if needed.

"You always prepare for the worst and hope for the best," Triplett said. "We're planning for the 'what-if' case scenario, and that would be to make sure that all of our citizens get the protection they pay their taxes for."

You better prepare for the worst. Given the racially inflammatory press coverage of this case, if the special prosecutor declines to file charges the state and maybe several states will erupt.

The fact that the narrative of a racist "White-Hispanic" gunning down an innocent unarmed black kid has been destroyed by several revelations in recent days, there are those who will not believe the truth. They won't be satisfied with anything less than a murder charge.

However, think about this for a moment: Where in Florida could George Zimmerman possibly get a fair trial? Nowhere, and while this fact may not have been a factor in the early days when the District Attorney refused to file charges (based on a lack of evidence), it's certainly a factor now that Zimmerman has been publicly lynched by the media. The special prosecutor knows that the evidence to support a criminal charge is thin at best, and the chance of a fair trial is non-existent. Filing charges on the basis of political correctness would be a travesty of justice.

This thing ain't over, that's for sure.

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Larry said...

The city effectively fired the police chief for not filing charges, the DOJ opened an investigation as soon as they heard Al Sharpton yell into his bullhorn, and now the city is coordinating with the DOJ to "construct a plan"?

The DOJ has already sided against Sanford, so what do they care if angry mobs tear the city to shreds?