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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sting Ray Jesus

No, it's not a 50's hot rod song, but a reference to another appearance by the Big Man in places you wouldn't expect to see him (h/t Texas Correspondent):
It's not as famous as Grilled Cheesus or the Nun Bun, but the image a James Island woman found Friday on the back of a dead cownose ray might be one day.

"I just kind of thought it looked like a bearded homeless man," said Erica Scheldt, 24. "But when I posted pictures on Instagram, one of my friends was like, 'That's Jesus.' And I was like, 'Oh, my God. You're right.' "

Scheldt and family members have been trying since then to name her find. So far, they've come up with Ray Rey. "Rey" means king in Spanish.

Over the years, images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Mother Teresa and Buddha have been spotted on baseballs, lava lamps, cinnamon buns, beehives and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or at least they have in the eyes of some people.
Click on the Virgin Mary label below to see lots more examples like this.

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