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Monday, April 30, 2012

Today's Feel Good Gun Control Story

These guys definitely picked the wrong house to burglarize:
Two Camp Lejeune Marines returned home early Sunday morning to find two men in their house. The intruders didn't make it out of the house alive.

33-year-old, Maurice Skinner and 33-year-old, Diego Everette were identified by police as the men killed in the burglary attempt. Both men are from Jacksonville.

Skinner and Everette were pronounced dead at the scene, but according to Jacksonville Police Chief, Mike Yaniero it is unlikely that anyone will be charged in the shooting.

"The investigation is ongoing, however at this time there is no evidence to suggest that criminal charges be filed."

Chief Yaniero says the department will increase their patrols in the neighborhood.

"We'll be in the neighborhood. We try to stay in those neighborhoods but we will be especially vigilant in that particular neighborhood in the next couple weeks."
Why bother? These two boneheads are dead and gone. They won't be preying on anybody else.  And I'm guessing others with similar ideas will be rethinking their plans.

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Sam L. said...

They attacked the Marines and gunfire was exchanged. Picked the wrong house, indeed.