HolyCoast: Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles

Time to hit the road for our 25th Anniversary trip.  Today's schedule takes us 437 miles to Williams, AZ where we'll check in for our Grand Canyon Railway trip tomorrow.  The package is pretty good - it includes the hotel tonight and Monday night in Williams, hotel tomorrow night at the Grand Canyon, breakfast tomorrow and Tuesday in Williams, dinner tonight and Monday in Williams, plus a 90 minute bus tour and lunch at the Grand Canyon tomorrow (note:  Book through AAA to get some extra perks).

HolyCoast.com will be pretty much politics-free for the next several days.  The laptop is staying home so any updates will have to come from the cellphone and most of that will be pictures.  I'm taking video and still photos this trip so I hope to come back with some great shots.

NOTE: If anti-dog posts start showing up on HolyCoast.com, the cat figured out my password.

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