HolyCoast: California Ballot Proposition Recommendations

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

California Ballot Proposition Recommendations

California's primary is June 5th, and here are my recommendations for the ballot propositions that will appear:

Prop 28 - NO.  Measure purports to "fix" term limits but only makes the current laws weaker.
Prop 29 - NO.  Measure takes $700+million out of the California economy, a majority of which will come from poorer people who make up the majority of smokers.  Creates a big bureaucracy that we don't need.

As far as candidates go, under California's stupid new open primary every candidate from every party in on the ballot and only the top two will go to the general election.  That means we could end up with 2 Dems running for the Senate seat.  I'm going to support Elizabeth Emken from the GOP.

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