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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Campaign Headline of the Day

Pretendian (Pretend Indian) Elizabeth Warren keeps throwing gasoline on the fire:
Warren: My Grandfather Had High Cheekbones 'Like All the Indians Do'
She has been claiming Native American heritage and going for benefits along the way that she's probably not entitled to. None of this would matter if we didn't have racial preferences and set-asides.

Dennis Miller says Warren's Indian name is "Spreading Bull".


Larry said...

She says she claimed the native American label to find people like herself. She was already in the Harvard faculty, so how much more like herself did she want? Was she the only one in the teacher's lounge with the personality of a wood chipper, and just couldn't relate to the rest of them?

She has waaay more in common with Henry Louis Gates than Tonto.

Nightingale said...

Alternative name: Runs at the Mouth.