HolyCoast: Catholic University Cancels Student Health Policies Because of Obamacare

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catholic University Cancels Student Health Policies Because of Obamacare

Taking a stand:
The Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio is one college taking a stand against ObamaCare, dropping the health insurance coverage for its students. The decision, the school says, was made due to a handful of considerations.

Michael Hernon, VP of Advancement, told Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends that when school officials found out the Affordable Health Care Act would require schools to provide contraceptives, sterilization and other drugs on their health care plans, they reacted the only way they could.

“As soon as this announcement was made, we said we cannot comply with this sort of order … it goes against our deeply held moral and religious beliefs, and we will fight it, and we have been fighting,” Hernon said. “This is an attack on our first amendment freedoms.”

The other issue came up when the administrators tried to determine how to marry what the law required and what the school teaches in the classroom.

“We took an oath of fidelity. This is unconscionable … I would’ve never imagined that at this day in age in America that the federal government would compel us to do something against our religious beliefs.”

Not to mention that the insurance policy that now costs students $600 bucks would end up doubling next year and tripling the year after that under the expanded coverage, according to Hernon.

“That’s something that’s both a moral and economic injustice, in my opinion … the Affordable Care Act is simply unaffordable for our students.”
Perhaps they'll change their mind when Obamacare is struck down by the Supreme Court. We'll see.

Unfortunately, not all Catholic universities get it:

The commencement speaker this June at the largest Catholic university believes that Christianity is the most dangerous of devotions and that the earth would benefit from the extinction of man. De Paul University, in Chicago, is hosting E.O. Wilson, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and professor of entomology at Harvard University. Wilson’s beliefs run directly contrary to Christian tradition, and his statements are unequivocal in their opposition:

1998: “The most dangerous of devotions, in my opinion, is the one endemic to Christianity: I was not born to be of this world,” as belief in an afterlife weakens man’s devotion to the planet earth.” 
Let's not forget that Obama was invited to speak at Notre Dame, despite his support for abortion. An awful lot of Catholics prefer a politically correct religion to the one they claim to follow.

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