HolyCoast: Chris Matthews Flips Out, Accuses Successful Dem Mayor of Sabotage and Betrayal

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chris Matthews Flips Out, Accuses Successful Dem Mayor of Sabotage and Betrayal

Of course that's nothing new but today's rant showed how deep into Obama idolatry Matthews really is:
MSNBC host Chris Matthews heavily criticized Cory Booker's defense of private equity as "an act of sabotage" and "betrayal" of President Obama.

"Whatever the intention was, he was trashing the entire Obama campaign of the summer in one appearance on Meet The Press," Matthews charged.

"Booker, supposedly a surrogate for President Obama -- comes on the show listed as a surrogate, points out he's got surrogate notes in his hand, says he's been working as a surrogate -- and then trashes the entire campaign by saying there's really nothing wrong with private capital."

The mayor of Newark, N.J., criticized the Obama campaign's attack on Bain Capital on NBC's Meet The Press yesterday, calling them "nauseating."

"It was an incredible 180 on everything the president stands for in this campaign," Matthews said. "It was astounding that they have listed this guy as a surrogate when he has intending to go on television and trash everything Obama is making the case for... I've never seen anything like this, what we saw on Meet The Press yesterday."

Matthews was so visibly upset by Booker's comments that he interrupted his guests to continue his attack on Booker.

"Cory Booker has made it all the more tougher for this president to get re-elected," he said. "A couple more Sundays like this, the president won't make it past August."
From your lips, Chris, to God's ears.

What's funny, when I opened the article in Google Chrome this is what the tab said:
Silly Politico - Obama is their Christ, not Matthews.

I think Iowahawk pretty accurately sums up what's going on in the Dem party these days:
In the old days, the insane Democrats embarrassed the sane Democrats. Now it's the other way around. #CoryBooker
Once they finish chasing the few remaining sane elected Dems out of the party the left will be one giant asylum.


Larry said...

One thing about the insane is their unpredictability. When Bill Clinton was driving the DNC bus, you knew he'd steer it to the left -but not enough to slam it into the guardrails.

Sam L. said...

On the one hand Obama hates venture capitalists. The other hand is for taking their money...

You'd think he might have a problem with cognitive dissonance, but apparently he enjoys it.

Larry said...

Watch Schindler's List -the Nazi's wheeled and dealed with the Jews all the way to the camps. The Jew's negotiating position got worse as the movie went on, but business was business.