HolyCoast: The Climate is Changing...Back

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Climate is Changing...Back

Reader Sam points out this story from Tim Blair:
The heaviest polar ice in more than a decade could postpone the start of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean until the beginning of August, a delay of up to two weeks, Shell Alaska officials said …

The summer ice melt in the Arctic has often reached record levels in recent years in what many scientists believe is a sign of climate change.

But this year a high pressure zone over the coast of Alaska, low winter temperatures and certain ocean currents have combined to bring unusually large amounts of ice not only to Alaska’s northern coast, but farther south in the Bering Sea as well, National Weather Service officials said.
The next story we'll see is how polar bears are being threatened because there's too much ice. It will include a picture of a bear wandering in futile search of open water where he can hunt.

And it will be our fault.


Sam L. said...

Because, as so many people tell us, it IS our fault, OURS and ours alone, because they are so smart, they KNOW this stuff.

(I ain't convinced.)

Larry said...

I think they've run out of steam with the global warming/cooling hype. Their next scare-mongering campaign will probably have to do with some toxic chemical, but will still require us to fork over tons of money and freedom.

What might slow them down in the future is if there is a massive lawsuit by states, similar to the tobacco lawsuits, to hold those who orchestrated the global warming scam financially and criminally responsible.