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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Conservatives Need to Join the Fight on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter and you consider yourself at all politically active, you need to join. Twitter has become a very effective way to counter the propaganda of the left, spread a conservative message, and even provide a lot of comedy relief as funny conservatives ridicule the left's sacred cows. I joined in 2008 right before the nominating conventions and now follow 246 people and have 801 followers of my own. You can follow here.

Twitter allows you not only to read what other people are posting and post your own ideas and statements, but retweet messages you think are important to your own followers. It's a force multiplier.

For instance, if John Nolte of Big Hollywood posts an interesting item, I can retweet that item and the 801 people that follow me will see it also.

Every Obama attack on Romney or the GOP this year has been met with withering counterfire from conservatives on Twitter and they've been highly effective in blunting or completely turning those attacks back on Obama. The "war on women", the Romney dog story (Obama Eats Dogs), the bully story, and just yesterday "Obama in History"...you name it, they've all been effectively countered on Twitter.

John Nolte has written a good piece on why conservatives must join the Twitter war. Here are some high points:
  1. Twitter is an equalizer in an eco-system where MSM types are no longer insulated in their bubble.
  2. More and more news narratives start on Twitter.
  3. The media no longer gets the last word. 
  4. The Left is losing the social media war.
  5. It's fun!
Read Nolte's piece for all the background and details.  And then go to Twitter.com and sign up.  It's free, and if you're not sure who to follow, after you follow me you can look at the list of people I follow to get a good group of people providing great content.

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Sam L. said...

Rush does Twitter.