HolyCoast: Dems Threaten Arkansas Dems Who Don't Vote For Obama

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dems Threaten Arkansas Dems Who Don't Vote For Obama

If you vote for his opponent in the primary they'll disqualify your vote:
After a poll released this week showed President Barack Obama only beating his Democratic primary opponent John Wolfe Jr. by seven points, 45 percent to 38 percent, in Arkansas's Fourth Congressional District, state Democrats moved to practically disenfranchise Arkansas voters. "[D]elegates Wolfe might claim won't be recognized at the national convention," national party officials are telling state Democrats. Wolfe is being accused of not following the party rules.

“They want a coronation,” Wolfe tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “They’re conflating [Obama] with the party. Are we supposed to call him ‘Dear Leader’? Is this some kind of North Korea thing?”

Wolfe insists he’s done the due diligence to qualify for delegates and that the state party is making decisions ad hoc to get the results they desire. “This is ridiculous," he says. "These guys are trying to tamp down voter enthusiasm.”

If he's denied delegates he's rightfully won, Wolfe says, Democrats would be effectively disenfranchising those who chose him over President Obama. And if that happens, he’ll take his own party to court.

“They took my money and put my name on the ballot,” he says. “They’re trying to make people think it’s hopeless to vote against Obama.”
This could easily outrage some Dems who had planned to vote for Obama, or perhaps weren't going to vote at all. Those folks might just decide to pull the lever for Wolfe and really mess things up.

Let's hope so.


Larry said...

If the Democrats would stoop to this in the primary, when awarding delegates according to the rules won't matter for squat, what are we in store for in the general election?

Nightingale said...

Larry, my thoughts exactly. I fear massive voter fraud. If they could the Dems would suspend the election in November, citing the need to stabilize the economy.

Weasels one and all.