HolyCoast: Elizabeth Warren Proud of Her *Pretendian Heritage

Monday, May 14, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Proud of Her *Pretendian Heritage

If you're in a hole, keep digging:
With Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown still running even against Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, the controversy surrounding Warren’s claims of Native American heritage could imperil liberal hopes of winning back the seat once occupied by Ted Kennedy.

But Warren isn’t backing down from her claims of Native American ancestry. In an appearance on CNN’s “Starting Point” on Monday to promote her call for J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to step down from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York., Warren doubled down and said she was proud of her disputed heritage.

“You know, I’m proud of my Native American heritage,” Warren said.
She's decided to commit to the lie, and that's going to have an effect in this campaign as voters are reminded again and again that her Indian heritage is a crock of buffalo poop.  In fact, her whole claim has been debunked.

*Pretendian - Pretend Indian

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