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Friday, May 11, 2012

Energy Cartoon of the Day

Well, it's not a cartoon in the classic sense, but actually illustrations from Obama's campaign website.  See if you notice what was added:
Apparently losing 41% of the West Virginia vote to a federal prison inmate had an effect, because suddenly coal becomes part of Obama's energy picture. Coal plays a huge role in the energy supplies of many, many states, and many of those are swing states Obama needs to win. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal, and yet Dem president after Dem president has done everything they can to keep us from using it. Bill Clinton locked up millions of acres of land thought to hold the cleanest coal we could mine, and Obama has promised to put coal mines and coal-fired power plants out of business.

This little change in the website isn't fooling anybody.

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Larry said...

Putting "fuel efficiency" on that pie chart is puzzling in the first place. I guess the same insane mind that wonders how we're going to pay for tax cuts would see fuel efficiency as a source of energy.