HolyCoast: Fauxcahontas Could Face An Unexpected Primary Challenge

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fauxcahontas Could Face An Unexpected Primary Challenge

This just isn't working at all the way Elizabeth Warren and the Massachusetts Democrat Party planned it. She was supposed to have an unobstructed run to the general election, but her fork-ed tongue has made her an embarrassment (from the Boston Herald):
Could there be mutiny occurring within the Massachusetts Democratic Party? The sentiment of discontent is not happening on John “Anchors Aweigh” Kerry’s yacht, Isabella. It is within the rank and file.

Next weekend, commonwealth Democrats are holding their annual state convention. It will be a gathering of moonbats wearing Birkenstocks and socks, union payroll patriots and limousine liberals. Although Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren is their anointed candidate to take on U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, state Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh is predicting that Marisa DeFranco, a Boston immigration lawyer with a mere 1200 Facebook friends, is going to get 15 percent of the delegates, allowing her to be on the September ballot. That means Sitting Duck Warren will have to face a primary.

This is contrary to the strategy deployed last fall when Democratic challengers such as Mayor Setti Warren and Alan Khazei had a mysterious change of heart and thus quickly dropped out of the race. Khazei has to be kicking himself around the block for quitting the race so early and clearly missing the Native American bundler in his opposition research.

By allowing DeFranco on the ballot, does that mean Democrats think that Lieawatha is a flawed candidate? Have Democratic leaders lost control of their party? Or is this their backup plan in case October’s hot Halloween costume is a Democratic Senate candidate, complete with Indian headdress?
Tossing Warren in the primary would be kind of like the Tea Party uprisings that have knocked off veteran RINOs like Dick Luger. However, this unknown immigration lawyer would get absolutely stomped in the general election.

Scott Brown must live right because he's had two weak opponents.

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