HolyCoast: Gas Prices Jumping Again

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gas Prices Jumping Again

Maybe the oil markets are so thrilled that Obama came out for gay marriage that they're jumping for joy:
The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in the Southland jumped more than a dime in the last two days, according to the latest Auto Club survey.

In Orange County, prices jumped up 4.9 cents Friday and 6.1 cents today, Saturday. The Orange County average is now $4.323, which is 11.7 cents more than a week ago, 8.2 cents higher than one month ago and 8.1 cents greater than one year ago.

The price went up 4.3 cents Friday and 6.1 cents today in Los Angeles County, and now sits at $4.337. Today's increase was the biggest daily jump since Feb. 23, according to Jeffrey Spring of the Automobile Club of Southern California.

The average price is 10.8 cents more than one week ago, 6.9 cents higher than one month ago and also 6.9 cents higher than one year ago, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

The sharp increases stem from record low gasoline inventories and continued West Coast refinery issues, Spring said.
I noticed a station where I bought gas for $4.19 about 10 days ago is now $4.33. We were paying in the $4.20s during our trip last weekend. Looks like Memorial Day travelers are going to be in for another big shock.

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Sam L. said...

Gas prices getting higher--like if they were smokin' something.