HolyCoast: Global Warming Headline of the Day

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Global Warming Headline of the Day

Our eco-friendly president:
Report: Obama Flies Special Barber To WH Every Two Weeks
Is his hair really so difficult to cut that it requires a special Chicago barber? I could do it with one of those Ronco machines you see on late night TV.


Sam L. said...

Is it the same guy Slick Willy held his plane for?

Larry said...

According to The Washington Post, Cornell McClellan is the Obama's personal trainer:

"Now McClellan commutes to D.C. three or four times a week for workouts at the White House with the first family."

Aren't there any compitent barbers and personal trainers in Washington DC so our children aren't choking to death on toxic jet fumes? How many polar bears had to drown for Michelle's buff and toned arms?

Sam L. said...

Oh, Larry! My brain and my eyes hate you for that comment's last 5 words!