HolyCoast: GOP Doing the Job Dems Refuse to Do on Entitlement Reform

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

GOP Doing the Job Dems Refuse to Do on Entitlement Reform

From Daily Caller:
The Dems are the problem  -- Two prominent think tank intellectuals lambasted the Republican Party in a high-profile Washington Post op-ed, claiming that the GOP is out of the mainstream and the real problem in Washington, in contrast to the Democrats. TheDC's Jamie Weinstein (ME!) points out in an op-ed that on the single most important domestic issue facing America -- entitlement reform -- it has only been the GOP that has addressed it seriously while the Democrats have been MIA:

"And what of the Democrats? Every single one voted against the Ryan plan. Not a single serious proposal to fix our long-term fiscal situation has been supported by Democratic leaders. Most recently, the president was seen prancing around the country promoting the Buffett Rule on millionaires, which may make some in his base feel good but doesn’t even qualify for the laugh test, never mind pass it, as a serious proposal to fix our budgetary problems. That’s what the Democrats are offering: political gimmickry. And for this, [Norm] Ornstein and [Thomas] Mann essentially say they are the reasonable party. Meanwhile, the GOP has at least tried to address our looming fiscal crisis (even if I think they could have gone further). It’s worth repeating: nearly the entire House put their name on a politically risky proposal in order to save us from going over the fiscal cliff! In return, two high profile think tank intellectuals call the GOP legislators the radical ones."
The Senate, under Dem control, has not passed a budget in over 3 years. They don't want voters to know what they plan to spend or what they're really doing to the economy. They're completely irresponsible.

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