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Friday, May 18, 2012

Great Moments in Education

All it takes is one moron to ruin a kid's day:
A Colorado second-grader was pulled out of class Wednesday after he showed up to give a presentation about Martin Luther King, Jr. — but with his face painted black.

KRDO-TV reported Sean King’s school project was for “wax museum day” at Meridian Ranch Elementary School in Peyton, Colo.

“He said, ‘Mom, I want to wear a black suit because that’s what he wore, a black tie, a white shirt and also I want to do my face black and wear a mustache,’” Michelle King-Roca, Sean’s mother, said.

Parents were on hand to watch the presentations, but before it was Sean’s turn, King-Roca said the principal came up to her and said Sean had to take the face paint off.

“There was a person in the faculty that had an issue with it,” King-Roca told the station. She said she and her husband ignored the request and sat waiting for their son to present.

But that‘s when the three of them were all called to the principal’s office for a discussion with school officials. King-Roca said she asked what the consequences would be if her son didn’t take the face paint off, and when she was treated rudely and couldn’t get a straight answer, decided to leave.
If you look at the photos at the link it's obvious this kid really wanted to do this report right. He wasn't mocking King or in any way making fun of black people - he WAS King. Now, thanks to some moron at the school a kid who put a lot of thought and effort in his presentation has been humiliated in front of his whole school, and the kids on hand for gathering didn't get to learn about the contributions of Dr. King.

Education was not well served, nor was the memory of Dr. King.


Underdog said...

I know this school district - Falcon School District - and it is nowadays a rather suburban growing area east of Colorado Springs. I haven't taught at the school in question, but I have in others.

Chalk it up to gutlessness in being willing to understand a narrative other than the faculty's own. The student meant no harm. . . that became obvious when the parents joined their child for the "principal's talk." Would I have loved to be the fly on the wall in THAT room. . .

Back to our polically correct government schooling. . . (sigh)

Larry said...

I thought white people portraying black people was okay after Downey Jr. did it it Tropic Thunder.

I mean, if a black President can pretend he's Irish, and a white Harvard Law Professor can pretend to be Cherokee...