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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mark it Down - I'm Calling It For Romney

A few weeks ago I would have had to give the edge in the presidential race to Obama given his money, his favorable press, and the lackluster enthusiasm for the GOP candidates.  That's all changing.

Today I'm going out on a limb and calling the election for Mitt Romney.  And I don't think it's going to be all that close.  We're not going to have a repeat of the 2000 and 2004 late election nights wondering who's gonna pull it out.  I think Romney will have won the required 270 electoral votes before most people in the East go to bed.  The rout will become pretty obvious as states Obama won in 2008, like North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and Florida, fall quickly into the Romney column.  As the evening goes on Nevada, Colorado and maybe even New Mexico will follow.  And Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are not out of the question.  The election map will be nearly all red with just little blue corners in the northeast and west.

Why the willingness to make such an early call?  Obama's fundraising has been significant, but not near what was predicted.  He's done more fundraisers than the last several presidents combined and it's wearing on the voters.  What they don't see him doing is anything about the economy or jobs.

The constant attempts to distract voters with the phony "war on women" and the various slams at Romney are also having an effect, but not in the way Obama had planned.  Conservatives are fighting back hard and turning Obama's attacks back on him (Obama Eats Dogs).  His decision last week to endorse gay marriage turned off lots of independents and galvanized support among conservatives for Romney.  The polling since then has been a disaster for Obama.  When historians look at this election May 9th will be the turning point when everything for Obama started heading down the crapper.

The media is becoming a joke.  Today we have Politico examining the background of a bit player who was used in a Romney commercial.  They never bothered to examine Obama, but they're willing to spend time tearing down a private citizen.  This election will be as much a backlash against them as it will a backlash against Obama.

Next month we'll see a couple of political earthquakes.  Gov. Scott Walker will win his recall race handily, thus smacking down the Dems and the union thugs that supported them.  And sometime next month the Supreme Court will either gut or completely vacate Obamacare, Obama's signature "achievement".  The Supremes are also likely to uphold Arizona's immigration law, another smackdown to overreaching federal power.  All the talk about killing Osama bin Laden won't counter that.

The debt and spending are out of control, gas prices are once again climbing, and Obama has absolutely no plans to deal with any of that.  Romney's business background and history of turning around failing entities...or shutting down the ones that can't be saved...will be attractive to voters.  He may not possess a sparkling personality that reminds people of unicorns and rainbows, but he knows how to get stuff done, and right now America needs someone who knows how to get stuff done.

Oh, and we'll win the Senate too.  2012 will be the sequel to the 2010 conservative uprising.  We're going to fix this stuff.

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