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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Media Bias Story of the Day

I'm sure there's no connection:
  1. On Wednesday Obama "evolves" into supporting gay marriage.
  2. On Thursday the Washington Post magically discovers a story about Mitt Romney playing a prank on a kid in prep school who might have been gay.
Surely the Washington Post wouldn't be coordinating their stories with the White House??

My comment on Twitter:
Today the MSM tells us we can't know about Obama's past but we must reject Romney because of what he did in high school.


Larry said...

Romney should just claim that he's 'evolved' on the issue of bullying.

End of story, right?

Larry said...

One more thing; you used the word 'coordinating', and I think there's a lot to that.

Before 2008, the media were like the crowd in the stands cheering on their favorite team.

In 2008 the media became the cheerleaders rooting for Obama on the sidelines -their Megaphones had 'Obama' clearly written on them.

This year the media have traded in their pom-pons for cleats, helmets and pads.

Larry said...

And another thing; isn't it interesting that The Post had this story ready to roll right after Obama finished evolving?

1. Obama campaign plans to change position on gay marriage after election.

2. Post digs up dirt that might make Romney look like a gay-bashing bully.

3. Post has face-to-face with Axelrod et. al. to strategize.

4. Behind closed doors, White House 'pivots' -Obama is going to change his view on gay marriage early.

5. Post goes to work on story, priming it for Obama's big announcement.

6. Biden makes a 'gaffe' pro gay marriage statement to test the waters.

7. Obama makes his announcement after Biden 'forces his hand'.

8. Post publishes Romney hit-piece to complete the one-two punch.