HolyCoast: Newport Beach Bills Obama For His Campaign Stop

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Newport Beach Bills Obama For His Campaign Stop

Only seems fair, and we all know how important it is to Obama that everyone pay their fair share:
The city spent $35,043 on police officers when President Obama stopped in Corona del Mar in February for a campaign breakfast, and revenue officials have sent his campaign an invoice to recoup the costs.

City Manager Dave Kiff said the invoice was his idea.

"I think it is appropriate to treat it like a private event – if another private event that large and which required that much police presence occurred, we would bill the event sponsor," he said in an email. "If the president was here on presidential business, we likely would not have billed for that."
This was not an official presidential visit, but a high dollar campaign fundraiser. Why should the taxpayers of Newport Beach pick up the tab for that? It shouldn't hurt the campaign - after all, $35,000 is less than what one person paid to attend the Obama/George Clooney fundraiser a couple weeks ago.

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