HolyCoast: Obama's Gay Marriage Stand is Just What Conservatives Needed to Unite Behind Romney

Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama's Gay Marriage Stand is Just What Conservatives Needed to Unite Behind Romney

Unintended consequences:
Social conservatives who doubted Mitt Romney now have a reason to rally around him after President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.

Despite the fact that very conservative and religious voters didn’t support Romney in the primary, their fierce opposition to the issue will give the presumptive GOP nominee a way to harness conservative enthusiasm in November.

And for Romney, whose position on same-sex marriage has been consistent over the years, conservative activists say Obama’s declaration may be a way for Romney to finally prove to his bona-fides to voters on the right who have always been suspicious that he’s not one of them.

“President Obama just ‘evolved’ himself into a one-term president,” said Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage. “This is a disaster for the Democratic Party: the reality is that the exact states he needs to win are the states that have overwhelmingly passed legislation defining marriage as between a man and a woman.”

“What I’m hearing from folks around the country is ‘game on, we’re in, we will do whatever is necessary to elect Mitt Romney now because Obama has shown where he really stands,” Brown said.
Thank you, Joe Biden. Conservatives have been desperately looking for a reason to support Romney. Now they have it.


Larry said...

I caught the last ten minutes of Law&OrderSVU this week and one of the plots involved a cop played by Ice-T. This cop's son is gay, and his son's soon-to-be husband got beat into a coma by a homophobic mob.

This is the liberal template.

They think that if you believe marriage consists of one man to one woman, then you're one step away from beating homosexuals to death.

Also, don't discount the timing of the Washington Post hit-piece to the recent release of the movie 'Bully'.

Sam L. said...

Mitt could remind folks his great-grandfather believed marriage could include many women, but not many men.