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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Political Photo of the Day

Breitbart.com posts this interesting excerpt from a promotional booklet put out by Obama's literary agent in 1991.  Read it:
Born in Kenya?? Now, I'm not a birther and neither are the folks at Breitbart. I think there's plenty of evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. What makes this interesting is it appears to be another example of a someone "sexying up" their resume to make it more attractive or more exotic to the masses. It's not unlike Elizabeth Warren claiming a Native American heritage that she apparently doesn't have. It got her some opportunities along the way she might not have gotten without it.

Being born in Kenya might make the potential readers of this book more interested in the story and perhaps that's why the literary agent wrote the bio that way.  It could also be that that's what Obama told him - who knows?

Still, the point is that nobody in the mainstream media found this or reported it in 2008.  It took the Breitbart folks doing the work the mainstream media didn't want to do to make the discovery.  Read the entire Breitbart piece for all the context.


Laura said...

It's quite interesting as one would have to assume Obama gave them the info in the first place, or at a minimum would have approved it before it was published. Good point that no one bothered to dig this up four years ago. It would have been the basis for a good interview question to put him on a record regarding this and the circumstances of its publication.

Now the question is, will anyone ask him in 2012 how this came to be published by his agent?

Best wishes,

Larry said...

What are the odds someone at the NY Times pulled up Drudge this afternoon and said "Hey Bob, isn't this that pamphlet you stumbled across five years ago?"