HolyCoast: Reverse Birther

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reverse Birther

The birthers were convinced that Obama was hiding the fact that he'd been born in Kenya, using a fake Hawaiian birth certificate to try and stop the controversy.  Turns out he wasn't doing that at all - he was hiding the fact that although he was born in Hawaii he was telling people he was born in Kenya because it was politically expedient (and possibly lucrative). Who'd of thunk it?

I'm guessing that before the vetting is done we'll find other situations in which Obama or his handlers claimed a Kenyan birthplace because it fit into their plans of making him seem more exotic and his story more fascinating.


Nightingale said...

I wonder if Obama's educational records say something similar; and did he get some special treatment being an "international" student.

Still would make him at the very least, a liar.

Sam L. said...

It could have let the universities get around the Bakke decision (can't use affirmative action).