HolyCoast: Romney's "Victim" May Not Have Been A Victim At All

Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney's "Victim" May Not Have Been A Victim At All

The Washington Post has some explaining to do:
Ashley Parker of the New York Times has a statement from the family of John Lauber, the man the Washington Post claimed Mitt Romney bullied in high school. She tweets:

From John Lauber’s family, the bullied victim in WaPo story: “We are aggrieved that John would be used to further a political agenda.”
Also from John Lauber’s family: “The portrayal of John is factually incorrect,” but they would not elaborate on how it was inaccurate.
This comes after one source for the story, a man the Washington Post says has “long been bothered” by the incident, said he wasn’t even present and had no idea it had happened until the Post contacted him.
This was a coordinated hit on Romney, coming just one day after Obama announced he'd "evolved" on gay marriage. My guess is this story had been prepared long in advance and they were waiting for word from the White House as to the timing of the release.

And just like every other attack the left has launched on Romney, this one is backfiring (Obama Ate a Dog).  A little more mining of Obama's first memoir revealed a story of him admitting to bullying a girl.  If the left wants to play the campaign this way, we're going to fight fire with fire.

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Sam L. said...

Bigger, I say BIGGER fire, and better aim. Dead (can I say that?) center aim.

A little carpet bombing might be in order, too: Lifts the corners and shows the dirt.