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Friday, May 25, 2012

Washington DC's Top Insult Comic

He used to be the mayor before a drug scandal got him in trouble, but lately he's been elected and re-elected to the city council. He's DC's top insult comic:
Extending his apology tour to a new day and a new ethnic group, D.C. Council member Marion Barry issued a seven-word statement Friday morning attempting to quickly clarify his reference to “Polacks.”

The statement, coming less than 24 hours after Barry’s gaffe, represents Barry’s attempt to more quickly respond to what has become his near weekly use of offensive or politically incorrect language.

Last month, it took 48 hours of mounting public pressure for Barry to apologize after he called Asian-owned businesses in Ward 8 “dirty.”

A few weeks later, Barry offended Filipinos when he said the District needs to “grow” its own nurses instead of having to “be scrounging around” to hire them from the Philippines and other countries.

After a “Say Sorry, Barry” campaign was launched, Barry pledged to work closely with Asian advocacy groups. During a meeting with Asian-American leaders Thursday in Southeast, Barry referenced “Polacks,” a term Polish Americans have historically considered offensive and derogatory.

Asked about the underlying sources of conflict between blacks and Asians, Barry said the United States “has had racial tensions since it was founded.”

“The Irish caught hell, the Jews caught hell, the Polacks caught hell,” Barry said. “We want Ward 8 to be the model of diversity.”
I'm sure Don Rickles could learn a thing or two from Barry.

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