HolyCoast: $2.4 Billion in Federal Spending Resulting in Fewer Electric Cars Than Planned

Monday, June 04, 2012

$2.4 Billion in Federal Spending Resulting in Fewer Electric Cars Than Planned

Of course it is.  Nobody wants the things:
President Obama has made a goal of one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 — but that will not come to pass by a long shot, according to a report by CBS News, which found only 300,000 electric vehicles on the road now, after $2.4 billion in federal spending:

To get to one million, the White House pinned its hopes on 11 models of electric vehicles — including the Karma. Our CBS News investigation found that six of the 11 — Ford Focus, Ford Transit Connect, Fisker Nina/Atlantic, Tesla Model S, Tesla Roadster and Think City — either haven’t made their first delivery or are already out of business.
Others aren’t even close to the government’s 2015 projections. For example, 36,000 Fisker Karmas and 505,000 Chevy Volts were supposed to be made. But current projections slash the Karma’s 2015 number in half to 18,000 and put the Volt at one-eighth of the goal at 62,000. [...]
When told about the CBS News projection that only 300,000 electric vehicles would be on the road instead of the proposed 1 million, the Energy Department’s David Sandalow said, “Well, let’s hope that we can move faster. And if we don’t hit that goal in 2015, let’s hit it in 2016.”
People don't want to buy cars that can only go 40 miles on a charge, even if they have an engine back-up. They're too expensive and not enough capability. No amount of wasted federal dollars is going to change that.


Nightingale said...

So hypocritical these electric cars. They are supposedly "green" because there is relatively no exhaust, but you have to plug them in to power them up. So where does the electricity come from? Oh yeah, power plants that run on oil or gas. Like I said, hypocrites.

I'll stick to my gas-burning Honda, though I wouldn't mind eventually having a car that runs on natural gas.

Larry said...

Electric cars aren't any more practical for everyone now than the horseless carriage was practical for everyone in 1900.

Obama thinks that by the stroke of his pen he can make an inferrior product superior.

Sam L. said...

Or coal, Nightingale. Likely up in the Four Corners area.