HolyCoast: After Tonight Two Guys In Wisconsin Will Get to Keep Their Jobs

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

After Tonight Two Guys In Wisconsin Will Get to Keep Their Jobs

Scott Walker will still be governor and Tom Barrett will still be Mayor of Milwaukee. Millions will be spent by supporters of both and the taxpayers of Wisconsin, but nothing will change.

Oh, except the concept of union reforms will be validated for other states that want to do it. Thousands of teachers will continue to have a job because those reforms allowed them to keep theirs. Thousands of other people can continue to choose whether or not they join a union and pay dues because the state won't revert to the system that forced them to do so as they did pre-Walker.

Wisconsin will continue to have a balanced budget brought to them by Gov. Walker.

And Wisconsin will be in play big time this November.

And Scott Walker will have a bright future in national GOP politics.

I'm guessing Walker wins by 8 or more. It'll be over early.


Nightingale said...

I hope Walker wins.

But I wonder, as a Union member myself, who protects us from the tyrannical administrators in the school system? There is no transparency. They have too much power and no accountability. They harass and threaten staff. On this issue our Union has been invaluable. What do we do about that?

Sam L. said...

You still have a union, and you still have a press to make your case to and possibly take up your side. But aren't the administrators in the union, also?

Sam L. said...

And there's this: