HolyCoast: Clinton Sent to the Arctic

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Clinton Sent to the Arctic

Could this be punishment for Bill's endorsement of Romney's business history?
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a first-hand look Saturday at the way a warming climate is changing the Arctic, opening the region to competition for vast oil reserves.
Seriously, why is the Secretary of State off on a silly global warming mission like this? Have all the other disputes in the world been settled and there's nothing left for her to do?


How about just opening our own oil resources in ANWR?


Sam L. said...

"How about just opening our own oil resources in ANWR?"

Silly Rick. That's waaaaaaay too simple and obvious to work. Da Won (I think that's the Chi-town pronunciation) would lose all the Greenie votes.

Larry said...

Bill's hanging out with pornstars in Monaco, and Hillary is dispatched to the Arctic.

Yeah, that's fair.

Sam L. said...

"Ohhhhhh, we're off to see the penguins, the wonderful penguins of OZ."