HolyCoast: Colorado Fire Threatening Colorado Springs

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colorado Fire Threatening Colorado Springs

This is getting very dangerous looking.  Just saw these two photos on Twitter.  This is the fire approaching the Air Force Academy:

And another shot of the fire approaching the more heavily populated areas.


Blogger and newspaper columnist Michelle Malkin has been out of her house for several days because of the threat from the fire, and one of the storm chasers I follow has also been told his home is in danger.  Pray for those people - they really need a break from the weather right now. The first is pushing right into town. Having been to Colorado Springs several times, it's a beautiful area that's going to take a long time to recover.


Larry said...

Barack Obama doesn't care about white people.

Where's Kanye West when you need him?

Underdog said...

This is as bad as I've seen Colorado Springs in a fire danger situation, whether observing from a distance or visiting there. Let's pray together that structures don't get burned and lives are not lost in this.

My church in my collegiate days, First Presbyterian downtown, had to cancel their Sunday afternoon farewell picnic to their well loved departing Senior Pastor, Jim Singleton, because the picnic was to be held last Sunday at Glen Eyrie - the headquarters of the Navigators Christian discipleship organization, btw - and Waldo Canyon, part of the property there, was on fire. First time I can remember fire this close to the Navigator's headquarters.

Laura said...

A good friend who is visiting family in Colorado said that Samaritan's Purse had set up a base in the parking lot of a church she attended in Fort Collins Sunday. It's a great disaster relief organization, for those who are inclined to contribute:


Best wishes,